Creative ways to make money quickly online

Who doesn’t want a chance to make a few quick extra bucks? With the general cost of living rising as it is, people are always eager for ways to make money that requires the least effort and time. Swamped with work as everybody usually is, ‘easily’ and ‘quickly’ are two adjectives they want to live by.

If you happen to want to make money in truly creative ways, ways that divert from the usually tedious directions and explore innovative tangents, here compiled is a list of just a few things you could do:

Make money shareing your knowledge

Share your knowledge with the world—at a small price

Thinking about starting an online course, most people are apprehensive of having nothing to teach the world. They feel that their mundane lives could never create enough material to be of any interest to anybody. The only thing to say here is, if Teresa Greenway had thought this way, she would have been none too happy now, considering what happened next.

The mother of an autistic child requiring constant home care,Greenway decided to start an online course, teaching interested people the recipe for her sourdough bread.

One wonders, how could sourdough bread have changed her life? Well, maybe not change it, but she did make around $86,000 in two years through it.

Use your trivia knowledge to make money

Use your trivia knowledge

People ask, what is the use of knowing trivial information? How is it going to help me if I know which mountain is actually the tallest, or which fish lives deepest in the sea?

If you play trivia on SwagIQ, you can win real money for your knowledge. This is where you can use your creative school knowledge the right way.

The game is easy to get into, and completely free to play on the app. All you have to do is answer as many questions as you can in the 10-second window you get for each, and for every right answer, you win digital currency. This digital currency can then be swapped for another chance to play the game if you happen to lose the first time.

The game offers grand prizes for the day. If you happen to get all the questions right in a try, you can win the cash prize.

Money back on price drops

Money back on price drops—keep alert for the discounts

Knowing when and where a discount sale is happening is any woman’s—or man’s, let’s be honest— a dream. To be able to shop all you like and in the end fork out lesser money that you would have had to any other day creates a warm glow in the heart, everybody knows. It also, though perhaps wrongly, creates the feeling of righteousness, that you are not spending that much money at all since you got a discount.

Online, Paribus works to get you your money back when price drops happen at stores. If you went through a spree of impulsive shopping and are feeling guilty, all you have to do is allow Paribus to study your purchases for the last 30 days. The service will do all the detective work and let you know any savings you might have missed.

The refunded money would be sent back in the same form in which the initial purchase was made. So, if the purchase was made through a card, then the money would be sent back to the card.

Make money walking dogs

Make leisure money amongst four-legged friends

If you have a pronounced affinity toward dogs and don’t think your talent of being loved is of any use, you are wrong. It is easy to find a lot of dog-walking job offers on Twitter and Facebook, people looking for someone to love their pets while they are out working.

Rover is a site allowing you to offer your dog- sitting and walking services on its platform.

It is not so easy to get hired to walk dogs on Rover, though. The platform takes diligent care of its four-legged clients. To serve them, one has to pass through a thorough background check and give detailed information about the self.

Rover rejects about 80% of the applying sitters.

Start a blog and earn money

Let people know what you have to say—start a blog

Blogging is hard and time-consuming work. But when one takes into account the benefit of working from home, to set your own working hours, to write about whatever you feel like writing, whenever you feel like writing, and most importantly, to never have to worry about face-to-face impressions and how to dress, the hard work and time requirements fades into the background. People can judge you only by your words, not by anything else.

Fulltime bloggers can earn a decent living this way. Once a blog has become accepted on the web and starts being propagated, the revenue starts coming in through both advertising and affiliate marketing.

For someone who has a lot to say, blogging is the best way to make money online.

Make some extra cash

Earn money through miscellaneous ways

If you don’t want to concentrate in a particular niche of work while making extra cash, or if you do not want to work from home or walk the same streets with dogs, you can sign up to TaskRabbit.

This platform allows users to put up work, which is then connected with Taskers who can complete the jobs. Tasks can be of any kind: someone might want you to mount a mirror, to help move furniture, to wash a car, to do the heavy lifting…it can be anything, and you get to choose from the list what you want to do. This way you can choose your own creative highway.